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Why You Need to Hire a Music Consultant for Your Marketing Campaigns

If you think music consultancy is just for aspiring musicians, that is the very reason why you need to hire a music consultant. 😅

Music and audio are not just icing on the cake or cherries on top of your favorite ice cream flavor – music is not a “garnish” – it could very well be the determining factor that makes or breaks the success of your marketing campaign.

Is Music really essential to Marketing?

Short answer – ABSOLUTELY! Music is essential to Marketing because music is a powerful catalyst in triggering the demand generation response of your target market because music activates the part of the brain related to reward and gratification.

Leavening to bread is like the right music to your marketing campaign – music is what will make your marketing message rise; music elevates your marketing campaign to a level that catches and captures the attention of your target audience.

Why can’t a regular Marketing Agency handle my Music needs?

Why can’t a dermatologist handle tooth decay? Or an engineer, operate on your brain? Because simply put, it’s a different field of expertise!

Music is such an integral part of human society that there are really people who have dedicated their lives to the appreciation and understanding of music – in all its genres and in all the ways it impacts our daily lives.

These Music Experts or Music Consultants are technically the only people qualified to give brands, businesses, companies, organizations, institutions, and even individuals – accurate, relevant and effective insights on music and marketing with a music-first strategy.

What can a Music Consultant do for me?

Whether you’re an artist, a business, or an organization, if you are planning on using any form of music or audio in your campaign or initiative, then you definitely need a Music Consultant.

If you’re an artist, a Music Consultant will be able to help you with both creative and legal aspects of your music career. A Music Consultant can give you advice on how to best connect your music with the right audience. A Music Consultant will also be able to help you get your music on today’s most popular streaming platforms.

If you’re a business or an organization, a Music Consultant is one of your most valuable assets. Your Music Consultant will be able to recommend and license the best music or audio for your campaign or initiative. A Music Consultant will also be able to spearhead any music production project as well as curate and manage Music Influencers to help boost your campaign or initiative.

Is having a Music Consultant worth it?

DEFINITELY! Having a Music Consultant on retainer will help save you a lot of time and effort because you will be able to develop and launch campaigns that are effective from start to finish – less do-overs.

With a Music Consultant’s guidance, you don’t need to take a step back just to take two steps forward, it will be full speed ahead to your goals because music will move you toward sure success.

Hanging out in Music Matters Singapore with our long-time music marketing partners, Globe Telecom.

Our framework, artists curation/booking/management, music licensing and research-based music strategy work for Coke Studio Season 2 can still be felt in their succeeding seasons to this day.

How do I hire a Music Consultant?

Music Consultants are NOT a dime a dozen! So you need to make sure you connect with and hire legit Music Marketing and Audio Innovations Experts, like Homonym.

Homonym is the Philippines’ only music-first Marketing Agency that specializes in Music Marketing and Audio Innovations.

Homonym can help you with music consultancy, music publishing and licensing, music production and distribution, artist booking and management, sonic branding, music public relations, and music influencer marketing.

Contact us by visiting

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