As the official music supervisors of Coke Studio Philippines Season 2, our job was to curate the artist lineup, select and license the songs for the show and manage the artists throughout the 8-month duration of the campaign.

Using data and music intelligence, we were able to determine the sonic identity of Coke Studio Homecoming and developed a 13-point criteria for selecting the awesome artists for the show. With the help of music psychology, we paired the artists to come up with optimal musical results, while making sure the pairings were the most engaging to the target audiences. As our viewers often said: What a lineup!

Throughout the season, we curated, cleared and licensed 26 songs (whew!) as we worked with the show's musical director, our partner labels, publishers and rights owners to find the best mix of covers/collabs for the artists that teens and young people would keep watching and streaming, over and over.

Lastly, we worked with Coke's partner agencies (Creative, Production, Digital, Media, PR, Activations) as well as the biggest artist management companies in the country to manage the 13 artists we booked - throughout over 2 months of shooting and production, 30+ activations and 2 major concerts, hundreds of social and digital initiatives and even live TV guestings/performances.




When Wyeth gives you a chance to create songs that will help parents educate their kids on how to become better versions of themselves, you take it seriously. We had fun working on this project, lots of earworm tunes from how to tackle rainy days, how to help around the house and even why wearing slippers is important. We hope you enjoy these future classics as much as we do! For more fun and educational songs and videos, visit www.batangmaylaban.com.ph




Our 2-year partnership with California-based music tech giant Songtradr.com resulted in loads of interesting music choices for dozens of visual media projects. If you've been noticing that the content you've been watching seems to sound a lot better these days, we might have had a little something to do with it. We've been music supervising Globe's The Pool Show for 2 seasons now, check out our banger of a season 2 opener featuring the phenom, Alex Bruce:




If you work out at any of Gold's Gym or UFC Gym's 36 branches across the country and suddenly felt like you didn't want to wear your earbuds anymore, you're welcome! And make sure to hang out at any Discovery Hospitality property (Primea, Suites, Shores Boracay, Club Paradise Coron) and enjoy their signature world-class Filipino service - and music.



While we curate for ads, TV shows, films, games, video content and retail establishments, curating for events and festivals is our favorite! There's just something about seeing what you curated live, like that one time we worked with DTI-CITEM and CreatePH to curate 44 artists for 3 stages across 3 days. Or those 3 times we rejuvenated, curated and mounted the Boomerang awards from 2016 to 2018!


When we put up Homonym, we wanted to use music data to help our partners make their strategic decisions. But we found out there were no Philippine studies ever conducted for music marketing purposes! So we asked for help from music loving professional field researchers to come up with the first ever Music Preference vs. Consumer Buying Behavior study in the Philippines. Message us if you want to find out what kind of data we have that may help you with your campaigns!


Send us a brief and we will form the perfect production team for you based on your vibe, budget and timeline - or we can produce it in our growing in-house studio via our very own team of composers and producers. Let's see what we can come up with together! Here's a spot we did with MullenLowe and Selecta via the fine folks at Unilever - working with an all-star cast from our friends at HIT Productions! From determining your Sonic Identity to pre- and post-production, we've got you!




Whether indie, local or international, we can help you clear songs so you can license and synchronize the right music for your visual media. Here's our most challenging sync yet - think 8 rights owners/publishers and 1 record label: that's 9 negos, 9 legal departments and contracts, 9 invoices, well, you get the drill. Great work is a result of great partners like SM Youth and Core Univers. And Troye Sivan, of course.




Where do you go if you're an independent artist with great songs that are just ripe for synchronization to the latest hit commercial from your favorite quick service restaurant? You've come to the right place. Here's us administering the publishing for Al James' certified hit, "Pahinga" - syncing it to McDonald's Philippines' "Palamig" summer campaign for their new McFreeze flavors. Kudos to Leo Burnett Manila for bringing us all together. Chill:

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