Sonic Identity Brief
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Company Name

Company Website URL


Brand Website URL

Key Contacts and Roles

Key Contact's Email


Department Stakeholders

What other departments have an interest in the outcome? For example: sales or customer service.

Agency Partners

Which other companies will be involved at some stages of the marketing process?

Value Chain Partners

What retailers or distributors may be interested or involved in the desired outcomes?

Product Description

Consider what the purpose and relevance of the brand is to the consumer.

Primary Retail Channels

Key Competitors

Brand Position

Consider the way in which the brand is perceived –  relative to its competitors in terms of personality or delivery.

Brand Essence

List down some key words, phrases or mantras that the brand may be identified with or live by.

Brand Sound

If the brand were a musical artist, which artist would it be? If the brand were to be represented by a song, which one do you think it would be?


Target Audience Profile

Enumerate demographic information like age, gender, income classification, etc.

Target Audience Persona

Persona data that includes relevant qualitative and quantitative information like what they are like, where they live, their interests and motivations.

What audience need does your brand fulfill?

The most successful products solve a customer problem, sometimes the customer needs reminding what this is.

What insights/research support this?

How can we support arguments that we make to persuade a customer to support your brand?

What are the customers’ alternatives?

Don’t think just about the direct competitors, think about what customers would do if your product/service did not exist.

What are the strengths of your brand compared with the alternatives?

Try and identify the criteria a customer would use when choosing between your brand and a competitor.

What makes your product unique?

What are the features we can build on that a competitor could not copy, for example, legacy or experience?

What audience need can the music fulfill?

What about the music could support your brand in solving the customers’ problem?


Existing Strategic Direction

How will this music influence the brand, marketing or content strategy?

Existing Platform Opportunities

Do you have any existing websites, media properties, assets and/or partnerships that we can leverage on?

Existing Campaign Opportunities

Are there existing campaigns (existing jingles, songs, soundtracks) that could be referenced?

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Existing Voice, Tone or Style Guides

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