Agency Partners
Which other companies will be involved at some stages of the marketing process?
Product Description
Consider the purpose and relevance of your brand to the consumer.
Primary Brand Retails
Key Competitors and Brand Position
Consider the way in which your brand is perceived –  relative to its competitors in terms of personality or delivery.
Brand Essence
List down some key words, phrases or mantras that your brand may be identified with or live by.

Target Audience Profile or Persona

Enumerate demographic information like age, gender, income classification, etc.

What makes your product unique and what are your products’ strengths?

What are the features we can build on that a competitor could not copy, for example, legacy or experience?


Existing strategic direction and campaign opportunities

How will this music influence the brand, marketing or content strategy? Are there existing campaigns (existing jingles, songs, soundtracks) that could be referenced?

Required Output
Select from the following:

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