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What You Need to Know About Sonic Branding in 2023

Sonic Branding. Sound Branding. Audio Identity.

It may come in different names, but the foundations on which Sonic Branding is built on are pretty much the same. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about Sonic Branding in 2023.

What You Need to Know About Sonic Branding in 2023

A Brand’s Need to be Heard

Like any other marketing campaign or branding exercise, it starts with what the brand or company needs. What is the objective of creating a brand’s own sound? Is it for a refresh? Is it building a campaign? Is it to humanize their brand? Knowing what direction a brand needs to take will eventually lead them to the next item. Read on to find out.

The Emotion to be Hit

Once a brand has sorted out its objective, it’s time to figure out the emotions that it wants to communicate to its audience. Let’s say the client wants to humanize its brand. This objective can result in having different potential emotions to explore – such as warmth, fun, being relatable, loving, etc. These emotions are your groundwork for determining the final and most crucial part of the Sonic Branding process.

The Sound to be Created

In the typical advertising process, there’s copy and art. This combination is good at telling stories, creating content, and helping promote a product or a service. But sound just takes everything to a totally new level.

It takes around less than a second for human beings to react to sound. So imagine if a Sonic Branding expert put in all the data and creativity to work and come up with a certain sound for a brand? A sound that hits the right notes and emotions. An impactful sound that can also trigger memory. This is a whole other topic for another post :)

Homonym is the first-ever Sonic Branding agency in the Philippines. We have years of experience when it comes to creating Sonic executions that hit the heartstrings. And we’ve got the work to back it up.

If your brand needs to be heard, hit us up. We’d love to hear from you.

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