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The Power of Sound in Retail: Music Curation as a Sonic Branding Tool

Have you ever found yourself wanting to stay in a store or restaurant longer because of the music they’re playing? Did it make you want to purchase something from that place?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, then you’ve probably experienced that brand’s soundscape through music curation. Music Curation is having licensed access to existing songs or playlists that you can use to take your brand story and your customer experience to a whole new level.

And here are three awesome things about music curation.


You are what you play. The music you use in your marketing materials and campaigns reflect on your brand essence. For content, the right song can tell a better, more memorable story. You give your audience something to sing along to and talk about.

When it comes to your brick and mortar stores, having the right playlist has the power to build atmosphere, enhance brand experience and highlight your values, key attributes and personality. Capturing the right vibe is key to authenticity and ultimately, boosting brand association.


Since music curation lets you utilize existing audio content, everything should be just plug and play when it comes to execution, allowing you to have curated playlists ready to just set and forget inside

your stores depending on the weather, social trends, events and more.

With a sonic agency to help you map out a curation strategy - plus a reliable music curation service, you can maximize the benefits of curated music with ease.


Music Curation has the ability to influence consumer mood and behavior subconsciously. According to a study by Made Music Studio, there’s an 86% correlation between a listener’s emotional response to sound and their desire to return to, or avoid, that experience. In addition to this, happy people tend to spend 9% more when the music complements their store experience.

Hitting the right notes can lead to customers staying longer inside your store – which can equate to them trying on and purchasing items.

Homonym is the first and only Sonic Branding agency in the Philippines. We have years of experience when it comes to enhancing experiences via sonic executions, including curating the right music for your physical spaces. Just ask our happy clients.

If your brand needs to cut through the noise, let us help you expand your soundscape.

We’d love to hear from you!

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